Feb 20, 2021

Let's Discuss: Ice-Cream


I thought since we're still in the brink of winter, I'd share a totally weird fact about myself...are you ready for this?


I Like Ice-Cream Best in Winter!


Yes! If you were to ask--though that itself would be pretty random--what time of year do I prefer ice-cream, I would say winter! Yes, summer is popular. It's hot, ice-cream is cold and a nice treat for summer. But I like it better in winter because you don't have to gobble it all down before it melts. It maintains its frozen consistency when it's winter. Or at least it maintains it longer/better in winter. Granted, it's not like I go outside and eat it. 

Though we do have a frozen custard place nearby and a few days when the temps were above freezing there was a mega long line at the drive-thru to get frozen custard. Though I prefer regular old ice-cream or frozen yogurt. The frozen custard just isn't too my taste, which is weird, yeah. I'm not a real big ice-cream person either. 

Though recently I discovered at our Midwest chain of grocery stores the store has a "premium" brand of ice-cream and the flavor I've fallen in love with is Frosted Sugar Cookie! It claims it's sugar cookie flavored ice-cream, seems like vanilla too me, which is cool because I LOVE vanilla, but then it has frosting swirled into the ice-cream, sprinkles, and chunks of sugar cookie dough! Omg, this stuff is good!!


Do you have a preferred time of year to eat ice-cream? Do you like ice-cream? What's your favorite flavor? Talk ice-cream to me! Lol!

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