Oct 30, 2021

Let's Discuss: Ouija Boards


In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would sneak in one last discussion this month that is somewhat spooky related! And that topic is Ouija boards!

Ouija Boards

So I was on twitter and slid by a post that basically asked the reader, do you believe in the power of Ouija boards...or if they used them. I suppose I should call them spirit boards since Ouija is more the "game" name. But you all know what I'm taking about this way! Lol.

I have personally never used one myself. I do believe in the spirit world, so does my mom. My mom always thought, and I in turn began to believe, because it seemed logical, that they weren't a good idea to use for childish entertainment. We thought that your communicating with the spirit world...who's to say you're reaching the spirit you want to talk to? Or that you're not reaching out to a demon or evil spirit? What if then that entity does not want to leave your house. Oh sure, you think they left because they said "goodbye" on the board...but if people can lie, why can't spirits?

So yes, I have never wanted to use a Ouija board. You'd think I would being me...but I feel like I know better! I've read enough books, watched enough Haunted History episodes to know not all spirits are Casper.

What about you? What are your thoughts on Ouija boards? Have you ever used one?

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