Oct 14, 2021

Random Thursday


Today in Shane Carley's True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t we will learn some TV facts! Though one is more movie and another is comic book related, 3/5 is TV related, lol!

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Did you know, that in 2002 Steven Spielberg went back to finish film school and submitted the well-known film, Schindler's List as his final project?

I find this oddly titillating! He submitted his own already made film as his final project?! I mean, did the professor accept it? Lol.

(image borrowed from Biography)

Did you know Oprah's real name is Orpah? She was named after a biblical figure and people kept mispronouncing her name that eventually the "wrong" name just stuck.


(image borrowed from Reddit)

Did you know there is a crossover where Spock defeats Wolverine with his trademark nerve pinch?

(image borrowed from Looper)

Did you know that in the original plot of Lost, Jack was meant to die in the first episode? Thankfully, the showrunners liked Matthew enough to keep his character around.

I finally finished this series a few years ago back when it was still on Netflix. I watched it live on TV up until the second to last season...all that time traveling really whacked with my brain and the show was already doing that before. Still a little sore with how it ended...and somewhat confused too. Lol. So basically the same feelings I had while watching the show!

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Lily Allen's song "Alfie" is about Alfie Allen, the Game of Thrones actor, who is also her brother!

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