Feb 20, 2023

The Anti-Valentines Book Tag (Belated)


So I'm late to the game but I just saw this tag over the weekend and thought it looked like fun! Valentine's Day has never been for me as well and thought I ought to give this one a go! I saw this tag over at Lili Lost in a Book (and I borrowed her gorgeous image above) and it was created by Write Your Destiny.

A Book Where There is No Love Interest:

I had to refer to Goodreads to help me out on this one! Lol! Memory serves there really was no love interest in this one! Just a good old fashioned thriller with murder!

A Book Where Romance is an Afterthought:

Granted in this one, the romance was still building. It wasn't quite a "thing" at the book's ending if I recall. But we know it's there and brewing. There's definitely an enemies to lovers vibe going on. By the end of the book they're not lovers, but they aren't trying to kill the other, so that's something!

An Overly Cheesy Romance Book:

I just remember this one being exceptionally cheesy! But it was still a very cute and light-hearted read. Perhaps why that's why it came off cheesy to me whereas my usual read are a bit darker and gloomier! Lol.

A Book Where the Character Marries for Convenience Not Love:

This one was harder to think of a title for! Cleo and Magnus had a forced marriage of sorts. If memory serves it was never even arranged, his kingdom took over hers and to try to make the people more compliant they were married. Of course, we all know that it eventually turned into a marriage of love, but it took quite a few books to get there! 

A Book With Rose(s) on the Cover:

Since I just had a few of these on my last Tuesday post, it was easy to think of one! Lol!

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