Feb 8, 2012

Books to Movies--OMG!

Okay, so I am bored and was taking a break from reading and after doing a little price comparison with books, I moved onto movies. Specifically books to movies!

Now you may already Wicked Lovely is being made into a movie. According to IMDB, where I get my movie info, the movie is supposed to come out this year, but please know that things always change! This post is basically me telling you what books I'm seeing that are being made into movies according to the website.

Wicked Lovely is one of them!

So after seeing that, I saw these below it:

Naturally these are just a few I found when I was looking for any updates on Shiver and Wicked Lovely. But how awesome is this?! So many of our fave books are possibly making it to the big screen!

Now again, I stress that these are not final or anything! Just some things I found while surfing the web! If you want to find out more about them, the little there is, click on the title.


  1. Wow! I knew Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy were being made into movies, but Shiver and Firelight too?! YAY :D

  2. Oh yay! I can't wait for these to come out, I hope it's as soon as it says. Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. I knew a couple of them were, but wow! All of these too. Smart move by these suits to make them into movies. Wicked Lovely series will be very colourful. Love to know who is Seth.


  4. OMG! I didn't realise they were making Vampire Academy into a movie! I'm so excited!!!


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