Feb 16, 2012

Random Thursday

Okay, today's a rant. I got to thinking about Disney channel--which is nowhere near as good as it used to be!--and I've noticed that nearly all these teenage actors are also singers. What's up with that? Seriously, why did Disney Channel have to decide that if they hire these teens to be on their programs, why they also have to sing? And sometimes I don't think they are all that good.

I know exactly when it started too! Hilary Duff! Remember Lizzie Maguire? That was a show I could tolerate when it was on...I was like in 8th or 9th grade when it first aired. Can't recall exactly! But she started singing and acting at the same time and slowly other actors on the channel did too.

Remember Christie Carlson Romano? I remember her doing a brief stint with it. But she didn't last too long. Where is she nowadays anyway?

Then as more new actors came in, they had to both sing and act. I found it annoying. I mean since one star did it, they all had to now? I just thought it was pointless. Now when you turn the channel on, every little actor is singing. And please do not even get me started on High School Musical--no offense to anyone who likes it, it just wasn't my thing.

But yeah, I just find it annoying now. It irks me. These are the shows my niece may be watching someday, of course she's still on the Playhouse Disney or Disney Junior--whichever it is that's for preschoolers! 

And again, please do not take any offense to my rambling and ranting! This is just my opinion, as we all have different opinions and views on books, so do we have on other things!


  1. I totally know what you mean. I remember when Disney channel actually showed Disney cartoons, movies, and whatnot. Now, all you see are these actors and actresses singing and whatnot. It's like they sucked out all that was good about the channel and left it with something for the teenage/preteen masses to emulate. *sighs* So much for one of my favorite childhood channels.

  2. I totally agree. My two older kids (ages 8 & 6) LOVE the Disney channel but I remember all the fun cartoons and the only singers that I remember were on The Mickey Mouse Club. I want some of the old classic cartoons back :)


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