Feb 9, 2012

Random Thursday

*Sorry for the lateness! I had set this to post earlier, but blogger acted goofy with me!

Okay for this Random Thursday, I want to bring up an episode of That 70's Show! Actually I saw this one awhile back and wrote it all down for a future Random Thursday post and here it is!

Okay so if you know the show you know that the teenagers tend to "smoke" in Eric's basement or have "special" brownies and all. In this episode: Eric Gets Suspended; Eric takes the rap for Donna when he caught her with a cigarette. 

What befuddles me was that Eric was like, "Donna, you're smoking?!" Like smoking the cigarette was such a big deal. And yet they "smoke" in the basement nearly every episode! I kind of got a kick out of it just because it was so stupid in a way.

Ooh and also in that episode, Melissa Joan Hart and Lindsay Sloane guest starred--remember Sabrina and Valerie? I just thought it was kind of funny that they were on the show together as best friends.

Anyways, that's all I got to say!

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