Feb 1, 2012

Sometimes I really do not like the publishing world...

Okay, I love reading and am still working on my own writing and all, but there are times I just do not like the publishing world. Right now, it's as a reader. I get all excited about these books and then all of a sudden, their publishing date gets delayed!

First it was with Richelle Mead's Dark Swan comic volume 1. I was just waiting to get the whole thing instead of buying the comic issues and it was supposed to come out in November sometime. Then December something, then January, then back to December, then back to January.

Also there's still the debate whether Moonrise is coming out this year or next...still not sure, but thinking it's next year.

And now there's Becca's Hush, Hush graphic novel. It was supposed to come out what November? Then the latest date was February 14. But now the word is according to Becca's blog, March. 

It's just more waiting! I am not saying I'm totally mad at the publishing world. And I know it's not the author's fault at all and they really have no say. It's just frustrating as a reader because I get all geared up as the day gets closer, only to find out I have to wait another month. Or maybe longer. And as you know, I hate waiting!

So the point of all this ranting was to say that Hush, Hush the graphic novel has been pushed to March. Good thing is that the publishers are trying to make sure that this is going to be a killer graphic novel!

There's even an updated cover art:

Although I think I liked the old one better. This one's a little too cartoony for me. Yet I'm sure I'll grow to like it in the end!

This one just looks more like Patch to me!

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  1. I hate when they move the dates! It hasn't affected me too much like it has you recently, but sometimes it does and it drives me nuts! Mostly with sequels because by the time it finally comes out I don't even remember the first one. I always feel bad for the author though because they generally have no control over the matter.


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