Feb 2, 2012

Random Thursday

This weekend is Superbowl Sunday! Yet I am totally not a football fan, or any sportsfan really. Never really got into them, especially with my health condition as a kid, I wasn't allowed to partake in any contact sports. Got me nearly an easy A in gym!

But what I do like about Superbowl Sunday are the commercials! Heck a lot of people tune in just for the commercials and the half time show. I, along with my mom, always like the Anheuser Busch commercial. We like the Clydes! They're so pretty and usually the commercials are really cute!

I remember this one where the Clyde wanted to pull the cart with the beer, but he wasn't strong enough! :(  So then the dalmatian that helps out or whatever, helps the Clyde bulk up over the next year, and boy does he bulk up!! Then he's pulling the wagon next year! It's so cute!

Can't wait to see what they have this year! Along with all the other commercials! I liked last year's Dorito one with the pug! That was funny! Guy was being a jerk to the dog and BAM! The little pug shows him and steals his Doritos!


  1. I LOVE all the Superbowl commercials! It certainly makes up for the time spent watching the game with the husband. :)

  2. I don't watch the Superbowl but I do love the commercials. I honestly don't know the first thing about football:) I liked reminiscing with the commercials you posted.


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