Feb 3, 2012

I'm a scaredy cat...yet I like scary things!

Confused by that title? Yeah, that's me! Confusing the masses!

Okay, so I really really want to see The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe! I want to see him out of his Harry Potter character and into someone new! The movie looks utterly creepy which both appeals to me and scares me senseless! I don't like being scared, yet I do like creepy things. Hence the conumdrum of my title!

I'm all for a good creepy movie. One without blood and gore and unnecessary violence. The Woman in Black seems to fit the bill from what I've seen of it so far. But I've also seen enough previews to know that I will be scared senseless! All the dark scenes and creepy toys moving by themselves. Not to mention the woman in black herself!

Some people love to be scared. I'm not one of them, yet I do like scary things. Which is totally weird I know! I still want to take a tour of our Lemp Mansion here in St. Louis, it's one of the most haunted places in the US!

I think it's my over active imagination that scares me! All the reading I do and all the ideas I have building up for my own writing, I can easily be scared! So for this movie I think I might wait til it comes out on DVD so I can rent it and then watch it at home on a nice bright and sunny day!!!


  1. I love Horror movies, love being scared by a good movie. I'm looking forward to watching this one too.

  2. I think creepy toys scare me even more than blood and gore. It's a weird thing, I just finished a book called Bad Girls Don't Die in which some dolls were possessed and it was the single most terrifying thing ever.
    I will, however, definitely go see that movie.
    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library


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