Feb 23, 2012

Random Thursday

Okay so today's another rant! You want to know what really bugs me about The Vampire Diaries--in general, both TV and book series? PLEASE NOTE: What I am about to rant on is regarding info I remember seeing online. I know that some of it may not be true or whatever and am obviously missing out on some facts, but I do believe that some of what I am about to rant on does have some credence.

Okay, as you may--or may not--know L.J. Smith, author of the books, dating back to..1999, according to Goodreads. Uh, I always thought it was 1991. The books were set around then since they graduated in '92. But regardless of the year, L.J. wrote the last book, Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight. The newer ones are by a new author using L.J.'s name.

There was a dispute apparently with L.J. and the company--who exactly, the publishers I think, but I could be wrong--because she was writing romantic tension and romance between Elena and Damon. Well, that's not what they wanted. They were more in favor of Elena and Stefan, and possibly letting Damon and Bonnie have something go on.

I thought this to be odd and I was a little peeved that this led to the decision in bringing in a new writer. Yet on the show, Elena and Damon do have some romance or whatever going on. There's been tension and moments, we've all seen it. So why, I ask, WHY is is allowed on TV and not in the books? I mean obviously there are going to be legal issues and all, and that's not what I am ranting about really. I know there are legal issues, this is just me ranting because today's rant day!

But yeah, it just irks me that it's okay for there to be an Elena and Damon on TV but not in the series. It's just crazy!

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