Mar 7, 2013

Random Thursday

Okay, so I am slowly running out of random thoughts...sure I get them, but it's rare that I think they are post worthy. So I've been stretching it these past few weeks with the randomness. Some of it's just weird. And it might just continue to be weirdly random!

Such as today. For the longest time...up until Tangled ie: Rapunzel. My favorite Disney princesses have always been Belle--duh!, Aurora and Ariel. But all the merchandise I saw towards Disney princesses would have these gals split up! There would be Belle, Aurora and Cinderella. Or Ariel, Aurora and Jasmine.

But one day while I was still working at Schnucks and it was another slow day and I was wandering around the store a bit, I found the most coolest thing ever!

Yup! It was a kid's plate with Ariel, Aurora and Belle on it! Of course it was during the time of one of the weird setups, where the princesses were all wearing gold. Yeah, so didn't get that. But the plate was perfect!!

In fact, I loved the plate so much, I haven't even used it! I didn't want to wear and tear on it with constant dish washings, even by hand, so I never used it. Weird, right? But hey, at least I have the one and possibly only piece that ever had just these 3 princesses together!

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