Mar 17, 2013

Stacking the Shelves

This weekly meme is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

Well, it was a slow week for books. Didn't really get any new ones, just some keeper copies to replace my ARCs and one that was an e-arc I got a real copy as well!

Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter
Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter
Deep Betrayal by Anne Greenwood Brown

Then in a contest I won at Books of Love, I got:

a SIGNED copy of Falling Kingdoms!

Thanks, Grace!!

Then I also got this signed bookplate from Aimee Carter from when I bought her latest book:

Almost forgot this one! I decided instead of having two DVD stands that I would remove those from my room and replace it with one of these instead:

A nice narrow bookcase! The measurements will work width wise and I thought this will at least give me a little more room for books! Movies might have to be shoved somewhere else in my room, off the racks obviously!

Oh and while not book related, but totally Disney, I FINALLY got myself a copy of Mulan!! Been wanting this on DVD for awhile and now I do believe I have all my favorite Disney movies on DVD or Blueray!

Mulan and Mulan II Blueray Combo Pack

Yay! So not many new books, but still a LOT of awesome stuff! And that was my mailbox this week! What did you get?


  1. I love you bookcase, Jessica! Mine is overflowing, so I need to buy something too ;) Also, love your signed copy of Falling Kingdoms - another book I want to read. Happy Sunday!

  2. I'm so sad I missed deep betrayal on netgalley!!! I hope you'll like them all, happy reading!

  3. I actually really liked Deep Betrayal and hope you do as well! I need to find a copy of Falling Kingdoms. That book is right up my alley! Enjoy your reading!

  4. You are right, you did get some awesome stuff. I still have to read the C. C. Hunter series. I also have to read Anne Greenwood Brown's new mermaid book. Happy reading and thanks for visiting my blogs.

  5. cool stack. I like that shelf.

    thanks for stopping by!

  6. Very nice indeed. Hoping you shall enjoy Falling Kingdoms as much as I did. Thanks for stopping by yesterday.


  7. Thanks for stopping by my STS! I hear Falling Kindgoms is great, I've seen it at my library and plan to check it out soon. Enjoy!

  8. I've seen the Shadow Falls series around, but wasn't sure how they were. Might have to look into them. Falling Kingdoms is on my massive TBR list. Happy reading!!

    My STS

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  9. Nice stack! I've been meaning to read the Shadow Falls series for the longest time and just haven't gotten to it. Ekk I adore Mulan! It's my absolute favourite disney movie.
    Happy reading and thanks for dropping by :)

  10. Congrats on the signed copy!! I STILL haven't had a chance to read Falling Kingdoms!! Enjoy all of your goodies!

  11. nice new books this week, even if some are just hard copies :D

    Nice signed goodies too. Hope you enjoy everything

  12. Awww, such an awesome haul! I hope you enjoy them :).
    Here's my Showcase Sunday :)

  13. yay for new a bookshelf! i need one of those. and i got deep betrayal too this week. i really hope i'll like it because the reviews so far are mixed. happy reading :)

    check out our StS


  14. Love winning books especially if they're signed! Hope you enjoy your new books :)

  15. That shelf is lovely! Awesome! I read Lies Beneath, I really need to check out the second book! Lies Beneath was a lot more than I expected :D

    Have an amazingtastic week!

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  16. I REMEMBERED TO COME BACK THIS WEEK! YAY! You should comment on Sundays, instead of Saturdays. People (like me) are SO liable to forget to stop by on Sunday, because you commented on Saturday!


    Deep Betrayal! I haven't gotten the chance to get that one yet! I read Lies Beneath, and I do want to read the follow-up. And LOOK AT THAT SIGNED PRETTY! I loved signed books. Looks fantastic! Hope you enjoy everything! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  17. Epp! I LOVE MULAN!!! And just so you know I am officially blaming you for my DVD rack overflowing lately! ;)

    Octavia of Read. Sleep. Repeat.

  18. Ooooo, gotta love a new book shelf!! I hope you enjoy your goodies this week! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  19. At this point I just wish I had some wall space to put my books, even if it is a narrow space. Enjoy your books and thanks for visiting my StS.

    LisaILJ @ I’ll Tumble for YA

  20. I have cleared off the six bookshelves in my dining room in the last few years, so, happily, I'm down to the three built-in bookcases in the computer room.

    Here's my It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

  21. Nice collection. I want to try Falling Kingdoms. :) And nice shelf. :) Hope you have a great week.

  22. Love the new shelf!! My hubby doesn't like my books in my bookcase!! Filled it with photos instead!! Lol

    Thanx for visiting my StS and Sunday Post!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  23. I love the book case! I have Falling Kingdoms, I need to start it soon. Thanks for stopping by my sts:)


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