Mar 2, 2013


So sorry! I mean to post the winner to my blogoversary yesterday after work, but I totally forgot! Thought of it at work, but didn't think to make a post it!

Feeling a little jovial lately! I gained about another 100 followers in the last month, also was nominated in the BBTC Awards! So I'm adding a second winner, who will get their choice of one book up to $15(US)!

Moving on...the winner of the $25(US) shopping spree at the Book Depository is...


My newest winner who will get their choice of one book up to $15(US) is...


Congrats to the winners!!
I have emailed the winners and they will have 48 hours to respond or else new winners will have to be chosen.

Thanks to everyone who entered and followed my blog! Really am amazed at how far I've come these past 4 years!


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