Feb 13, 2017

COVER COPY REVEAL--Blind Tiger by Rachel Vincent

SQUEE!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOVE Rachel Vincent's Shifter series! If you didn't already know, this blog was created for one of Rachel's contests many years ago for a chance to win an ARC of the next book in the series (at the time I think it was book 4?). And since she announced a few years back she was writing a SPINOFF to this series I was ecstatic! Lion's Share released in 2015 after she wrote a "prequel" novella to it in 2011 and revised it in 2014! I looooove seeing more of this world after having left Faythe and Co in pretty good places. I admit though Lion's Share was the closure I was looking for in regards to Jace! And now it's time for a NEW book! 

There's no release date yet, but Rachel says soon!! That means this amazingly talented author will have 4 books releasing this year!!! And I sooo cannot wait for all of them, but this one might be the one I want to read the absolute most!!! So now is truly the time to start this series if you haven't! You've got time to get caught up with Lion's Share! Though I do recommend reading ALL the books, including the Shifter series starting with Stray. You don't "need" to read it in order to grasp Lion's Share but it basically gives you all the background info you'd need to know who you're characters are, that being said I also recommend reading Hunt which was the prequel novella to Lion's Share and gives you the "first encounter" with our heroes of that book, the first "Adult" encounter that is. Lol!

Robyn Sheffield wants her life back.

As the only female stray in the US, she's had to deal with bloodlust, flashbacks, a lack of impulse control (which might not have anything to do with being a shifter), and weeks under house arrest for crimes she never meant to commit. But when she overhears the territorial council plotting to marry her off to an eligible tom? It's time for this chick to fly the coop.

Titus Alexander wants recognition.

He’s spent the past year carving his territory out of the Mississippi free zone, forming a community for strays exiled and forgotten by the US Prides. As the first stray Alpha, he’s sworn to bring the toms under his authority the rights, support, and respect that official confirmation from the council will bring. But then the council’s precious female stray sneaks into the free zone in the back of his car and demands sanctuary.

The council gives Titus a choice: send Robyn back and have his Pride acknowledged, or prepare for war. Citizenship for his men is within his grasp. So why is it so hard for him to let one rebellious tabby go?

I'll just be over here sitting calmly as I patiently wait for Blind Tiger to release! 

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  1. I've never heard of this author or her books before this. Maybe I should check them out--if you love them so much they must be really great reads!


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