Feb 2, 2017

Random Thursday

Well, just as I was getting ready to go to my Disney book of questions, I had two calendar pages with some pretty interesting info, so I thought I would share that this week instead!

(image borrowed from Deja View)
I hope this one is showing up because it was exactly what was on my calendar page! Originally when Marc Davis was drawing Maleficent, he initially put red lining in her cloak. The coloring was meant to invoke flames! But eventually he changed the color to the purple we've all come to know and love/fear! As the calendar page says, "the resulting appearance is equal parts fear and beauty.".

I might have shared this fact before, I can't recall, so forgive me if it is a repeat!

(image borrowed from Animation Fascination)
"Walt Disney had wanted to make a film of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast as early as 1937 but never found the right approach. A half century later, Belle's moment finally arrived."

And a perfect time indeed for me to enjoy all through my childhood! LOL!


  1. I like the red, but purple is how I picture it in my head. Belle is just amazing (my favorite) and I can't wait for the new movie.

  2. Wow that cloak colour info is so interesting! Thanks for sharing :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  3. I am glad that they released Beauty and the Beast when they did. Everything came together perfectly and I couldn't imagine the characters having different voices.

  4. Did you watch PBS' 4-hour documentary on Walt Disney? They mentioned about how they had no idea how realistically to do Beauty and the Beast, I'm happy they waited.

  5. I'm really digging the red kind of wish they went with it instead of purple.

  6. I love the purple so much more! Maleficent is my favorite!


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