Feb 28, 2017

Mini Review--Order of the Wicked by Danielle Paige

This digital original novella is the seventh installment in the series’ prequel arc, and reveals how some members of the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked came to be.

Dorothy Gale’s armies killed Lanadel’s entire family, and she’s determined to seek revenge. She sets off to find the elusive, secretive group known as the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked. They’re rumored to be training their own army to defeat Dorothy. But when she finds them, Lanadel soon learns that she’s seriously underprepared both in fighting skills, as well as magical abilities, and she has to prove herself in order to join the Order and become one of them.

I picked up the next Dorothy Must Die novella on a whim, Danielle Paige’s Order of the Wicked is the seventh installment in the nine part prequel story of how things got so crazy in Oz when Dorothy came back. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been in this world, I still need to read Yellow Brick War! So I wasn’t too familiar with our leading characters.

Lanadel has just joined the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked after having her family, as well as her entire village, massacred by Dorothy’s minions. She wants revenge and she believes that by joining the crusade against Dorothy with the other witches that she might find it. But she learns it’s not as easy of a task as she initially thought.

The training is grueling, with Nox as her trainer she’s worked until she’s black and blue. A few of her other initiates aren’t as welcoming either. The only bright spot for Lanadel is Melindra. But it seems Melindra’s heart is already spoken for. It’s in a very short amount of time that Lanadel’s eyes are opened by the things she sees and learns and is questioning her own choices. It’s a messy sort because she doesn’t really have any regrets.

Things were pretty complicated in this one. Mostly because I couldn’t remember Lanadel, or if we even met her! I want to say we did, hence the reason why she has a novella of her own. But my lacking memory really put a damper on this one. I still enjoyed seeing this world of course and getting a little more background to what Oz turned into ever since Dorothy came back and before good ol’ Amy comes in. I really think it was my lack of memory that kept me from truly enjoying this one, but still, it was a fun read.

Overall Rating 2.5/5 stars 


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