Feb 28, 2017

Mini Review--The Ryu Morgue by Nicole Peeler

WARNING: These are SHORT STORIES written for established fans of the Jane True Series.

You know her, you love her, you wanted more of her…

Ryu Baobhan Sith, our favorite metrosexual bloodsucker, is suffering a crisis of confidence. First Jane dumps him, and now he’s let a human get under his skin. To top it off, the human in question, Maeve Henderson, wants absolutely nothing to do with him. They must each get over their personal prejudices, however, when they’re sent to the infamously dangerous Gold Court of San Francisco on a diplomatic mission. Confronted with both a mysterious magic that is killing humans and a partner who refuses to trust him, Ryu fears he’s met his match not only as an Investigator, but also as a man. 

Dusting off the books from my Kindle, I decided to give The Ryu Morgue by Nicole Peeler a spin! It's been years since I finished the Jane True series, so I was excited to visit Ryu again! Ryu was Jane's ex who she broke up with for reasons. See Ryu now on a case with a human woman who basically hates all of supernatural kind.

Don't let this cover fool you, I was actually expecting some smexy times or at least one time, but really we don't get any of that. Which is actually pretty fitting to the story once you start reading it! Ryu and Maeve are two complete opposites, let alone that Maeve pretty much hates all supes (for reasons we'll learn eventually) and yet Ryu can't help but feel an attraction to this woman. Though romance is so far off the menu in this one. They were sent to the Golden Court to get the Queens there to join the Initiative but before they will even consider the offer, they want Ryu and Maeve to solve a recent rash of murders. Humans have been dying in very disconcerting ways, and since they're still trying to keep humans in the dark about supernaturals as much as possible and to basically save other humans from being killed, Ryu and Maeve take the case.

They find out all the victims had one thing in common, a trip to Napa prior to their deaths. So naturally, the two head to Napa in disguise as a couple! Shenanigans and overall mystery solving ensue that lead to quite the ending! This was a rather quick little read and I really enjoyed coming back to this world! I remember always loving it because it was so funny, and action packed and usually involving a few romantic interludes as well! This one has all that, minus the romantic interludes but there is a good heaping dose of sexual tension between Maeve and Ryu! 

Overall a quick fun and quirky kind of read! I can't wait to (eventually) check out the other short stories from this world! A must read for all Jane True fans!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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