Feb 1, 2017

Discussion Post Challenge: Buying Books!

Okay, so let's take another stab at this Discussion Post Challenge! Needing an idea I browsed the helpful list and came across on that I thought would be fun to discuss:

Buying Books: Do You Have it Under Control?

Absolutely not! Lol! See, my problem is that I LOVE BOOKS! And just as important, I love the authors who write these books. So my problem is that I buy books faster than I can read them. I buy my books as they release and try to preorder most of them, if not, buying them during release week to help with the author's sales! Yeah...it's weird.

I do this because I want to support my favorite authors! Although I try to read the books as fast as they release, we all know how impossible that ends up being. So though I can't read as fast as the books release, I buy them as they all come out.

Also part of my TBR problem can be laid at my beloved Borders' dearly departed feet. When their stores were starting their final closing sales, I was there every week or so, pretty much every time all the percent offs kept getting higher. Picking up books I thought I might read, ones I wanted to give a try...then proceeding to add the entire series to my basket instead of book 1. I mean, they had them all...and it was around the 30% off mark, plus my member 10% off it was a deal I couldn't pass up.

That same methodology can be applied to all my past RT trips too. Though I haven't been there since 2014 and I am in withdrawal. I wanted to go this year, but didn't think I would be able to afford it after a Chicago trip and a trip to Orlando in the same year. So that had to be put on hold until another year. Hopefully 2018 if the locale is a good place. Based on one rumor, it so isn't so I am really holding in the tears here! But anyway, yes RT can be blamed for my book buying problem. For one thing, they gave me books there! There were sooo many that I wanted to read and they were just handing them to me! And then I probably bought around 10 or maybe more, I really can't remember at the book signings, because hello, the author is right there signing them! LOL!

So yeah...my name is Jessica and I have a book buying problem! Though right now I have gift cards, so I'm okay financially for a little bit. Though I did just place a few Book Depository orders...but I mean, that doesn't really count yet right? Lol!


  1. Change the name to Kathy and I could have written this. They all sound so good and I have to have them. But then they start filling my bookshelves and my Kindle (thank goodness it doesn't bulge when overstuffed). I keep saying that I'm stocking up for my retirement but I'll need to live to be 150 to read everything I own even if I never buy another book.

  2. I think that would have been me a few years ago, but nowadays I'm the complete opposite. I'm super picky when it comes to buying things for myself (and not just book). I literally obsessive over reviews, look at it in the store at least 3 separate times, but it in my physical cart, think about it some more, then look to see if it's available on hoopla or at my library. I think I buy on average 2 books per month.

  3. Yeah I really struggle with buying books especially this month. Discovered some series of books that I couldn't put down so of course I have to read the rest of the books of the series. haha the curse of being book lovers.

  4. I struggle with eBooks all the time because they are out of sight and out of mind. If they took up physical space, I wouldn't even have an 1/8 of the total amount I have.

    I have such a backlog of books! But I'm like you, I can't pass up a good deal. So this year I told myself any ebook under $2 or something that is on sale for more than 50%, I will buy. And so far, it's worked!

  5. In some respects I've actually gotten a lot better with this. I currently have a B&N credit of like $100 that I haven't used for several months! There was a time that would never have happened. But I'm seriously running out of room for books - I live in a small apartment and I have SO MANY I haven't read - I'm pulling back a little. However, where audio books are concerned I'm still ridiculous. I think because they don't take up physical space and I can get them for review pretty easily.

  6. I have a book buying problem as well. I want to read all of the books and think that I will get to them soon...but life doesn't always let that happen. I have so many ebooks that it is embarrassing not to mention paper books all over the place. It's an ok problem to have I guess.

  7. I have a problem with buying books too, and I can't keep up either. I also check out way too many books at the library--way more than I can read in 3 weeks. My office and reading space will never be without full shelves.

  8. I'm not too bad about book buying because I have a husband who raises his eyebrows at me when I buy yet another book ... that I can't fit on my shelves. My constant goal is to get rid of some of the books on my shelves so that I have room for more. LOL!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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