Feb 27, 2017

Discussion Challenge: Happy Endings vs Realistic Ones

I decided to try out another discussion post and needing an idea I looked to the helpful list from Feed Your Fiction Addiction! And I saw that one that really had me pausing and that was:

Happy Endings vs Realistic Ones

And basically which one do you prefer? And I started thinking, there were quite a few books that I really really liked and they ended in a more realistic way and I thought about how that truly was the best fit. Sometimes there may be "happy" tendencies to the ending, but it's a bittersweet kind of ending. There were so many different emotions running through me for some of them! Happiness was sometimes involved, but there was also tears. Many, many tears!

Here are some examples. You may have already read these or know about their endings, especially for Allegiant. I won't get into any of them. But I will just say that I did enjoy all of these endings but at the same time I was very, very emotional for all of them! Now with Ignite Me it was more a feel of being upset about a few loose-ends but still I was generally fond of the ending. The other two I knew the endings were right, they fit the story so entirely. But yet, I was still an emotional wreck for them! I am still pretty excited to read the short little story We Can Be Mended, and I still need to read Four for that matter, perhaps that one could help aid in some closure!

But when it comes down to it I'm a fan of the ending that fits the story! True, I am generally happier if the ending itself is happy. But if it's one that's a mix of me being an emotional wreck but still feeling a bit of contentedness than I can be okay with that! I still don't feel like I've truly gotten over Strange and Ever After, but the ending was right. Even if I am still an emotional wreck over it!

What about you guys? What kind of endings do you like? Happy? Realistic? A blend of both?



  1. Interesting question. I prefer realistic endings, but it’s always a bonus when it’s realistic and happy. I get irritated if the characters go through a deadly, life-changing ordeal and everything works out perfectly. I want realism.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I actually haven't read any of these titles, but the Disney princess in me LOVES happily ever afters. If done well, I do prefer more tragic endings, because they tug at my heart strings.

  3. I'm going to read Ignite Me very soon.... Curious!

  4. Personally, I don't find happy endings to be unrealistic--just not necessarily common XD I do prefer a happy ever after endings in books :)

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  5. I've thought about this myself and i agree with you--the best endings fit the story and don't just wrap up quickly, make things happy just to "live happily ever after," or result from something totally uncharacteristic. I think I like to have a good mix of both because realistic endings happen too often in real life and sometimes reading is an escape.

  6. I think I enjoy both types of endings - I just need them to feel right. If it's been a bubbly romance, give me my HEA. But even then, I do want it to be a realistic HEA - like don't skip a million steps to marriage and babies if it doesn't fit the couple's relationship progression.

  7. For me it depends on the story. I may not always like the ending, but if it works with the vibe of the story, I can support it. In general though, I do like my loose ends tied up (unless I know that a spin-off is in the works).

    With Allegiant, for example, I don't know how else you could end the story any other way than how it was done.


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