Feb 8, 2017

Mini Review--Crimson Dagger by Morgan Rhodes

In "Crimson Dagger," Rhodes introduces us to Magnus as he was before the events of the series unfolded. In this heartbreaking tale, a young Magnus experiences a life-changing event — one that impacts him for years to come and shapes him into the man he becomes.

You gotta love those short little quick reads…and yet, even with time pressing on me to get to other things, I still can’t help but want MORE! Crimson Dagger was yet another super short story by the awesome Morgan Rhodes featuring the AMAZING Magnus!

If you told me when I started Falling Kingdoms that I would eventually LOVE Magnus, I would’ve laughed in your face! LOL! To say that Magnus has changed over the course of the series is an understatement. But when you read some of these short stories of his, even Crimson Dagger which takes place before Falling Kingdoms, you can see he had the potential to win our hearts from the very beginning!

In this story, Magnus must right a wrong that he did way back when he was a child. When seventeen-year-old Kara comes to him in the dead of night, knife at his throat demanding that her father, whom he (unintentionally) had arrested ten years ago be freed, he feels obligated to try!

Not only do we get to see that memory fully fleshed, but we also see him make an attempt to carry out her request. Again, totally short and quick, but totally 100% Magnus filled! Lol! It’s just further proof of why I’ve grown to love this dude so thoroughly. Even seeing the man he was before the series started just confirms what I’ve come to know about him! A MUST read for all Magnus fans!


Overall Rating 5/5 stars 


  1. It's great when a book or character can surprise me. Glad to hear Magnus caught you offguard and you are enjoying him so much.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. Magnus was my favorite character from the start. I don't even know why but I loved him and this sounds good!

  3. I haven't read about this character before, but he sounds amazing. This author must have really gotten to know him before creating him on paper.


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