Dec 4, 2018

Let's Discuss: Christmas Traditions

Let's get into Christmas themes for this discussion! This idea popped up when I saw someone just give a general prompt for it on twitter or instagram! Lol. And I thought, that's an idea!

Christmas Traditions

We don't have too many traditions in my family, but the few we do have I hold dear to me! One, naturally, is the Christmas cookie baking! I love the Christmas cookies we make and for the most part, they usually only get baked at Christmastime, so they're all special and delicious!

Another tradition I enjoy is watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story starting Christmas Eve! I have the DVD of it, but find I usually just wait to watch it on Christmas Eve! It pretty much plays nonstop in our house at that time and I love it! I don't even want to watch anything else! Lol.

One tradition that's been going on for some odd years now is that I like to double box/double wrap my older sister's gift! She made the "mistake" to one year say how she hates opening presents. I can't fathom this idea. I mean, how can you not like tearing into paper and opening a surprise gift?! Lol. So being the courteous little sister that I am, lol, I took her Christmas gift and wrapped it up. Then I put it into another box and wrapped it up! Sometimes I went as far as 3 or 4 boxes but in the past few years I just leave it at 2, see I am really nice! It's funny, because one year she wanted to "get me back" and wrapped up a Borders gift card for me in like 6 boxes or something outrageous like that! I thought it was fun! I laughed the entire time, basically, showing her how it was done! Lol.

Another sort of tradition I like is seeing all the Christmas lights throughout the neighborhoods. I enjoy them! They're just so pretty! There's one house at the corner that goes all out! It's amazing! And then there's this other house that's closer to where my cousins live in another county that goes even further out! I think we were told they start putting the decorations up around Labor day because it takes that long to get them all ready for Christmas! That's dedication!

I wish I had pictures of these things to show you but sadly, I don't! :(

Those are some of my traditions I enjoy at Christmastime! What are some of your holiday traditions that you look forward to?


  1. The Christmas present thing is just too funny! My family never did Christmas because of the religion I grew up in but since I've moved away, I've been trying to start little Christmas traditions and hopefully they stick!

    Carrie @ The Butterfly Reader

  2. Those are fun! I love the idea of double wrapping presents- I've done that once or twice as a joke. :) And seeing the Christmas lights- there's just something about driving around and seeing all the creative displays.

    When I was a kid my parents would always take us downtown to see the city hall and water works building because they have a zillion lights- people come from all over to see 'em. You wouldn't think a water building would have such a display but it's got this amazing architecture, and it's huge- you'd never know it was a water plant! Anyway... yeah good times. :)

  3. A Christmas Story was always my husband's favorite Christmas movie, and we used to watch it every year, but the kids REALLY aren't fans, so we stopped that tradition. This year we watched Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Elf and Home Alone 2 instead. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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