Feb 1, 2019

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: Audio books vs Ebook? If the world stopped printing books which would you prefer between the two? (submitted by Angelica @ Paperback Princess)

MY ANSWER: First, I'd spend a week crying in agony over the loss of physical books. Best to make it two weeks.

Then looking at the question logically, I guess I would go with ebooks. The main reason being because I wouldn't be able to focus properly with an audiobook. While I am still not overly fond with ebooks I'd still prefer that to an audio because I could at least still see the words and really read at my own pace.


  1. I'd have to go with audiobooks, but I'd be right there with you crying for a couple weeks.

  2. I'd have to go with ebooks. I still haven't conquered audios, though I have listened to a couple.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. I love my ebooks. Physical books still have a place in my world but I love digital book-hoarding...

  4. I would be devastated if physical books were no longer available. Thank goodness I have a good collection of my own! I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. I find ebooks useful. They're good for reviewing so I don't have to deal with as much physical backlot. Not my favourite format, but they work for certain things. Others I NEED a physical book.


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