Feb 11, 2019

Sleeping Beauty Book Tag

I saw this tag over at JennReneeRead awhile back and thought it looked like fun! Before Beauty and the Beast came out, Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite movies. Mostly because I loved when the fairies tried to make Briar Rose's birthday party without any magic! Lol!

SLEEPING BEAUTY--A main character who is overshadowed by others

I wouldn't say that Ember is overshadowed by other characters, I just wasn't expecting to become so absorbed in Garret, Riley, and Dante's comings and goings as well!

PRINCE PHILLIP--A character you'd slay a dragon for

Charley is definitely one of a kind! I love this girl! I swear she'd be one of my bestest friends if this were real life! I'd definitely want to protect my besties, but like most Urban Fantasy heroines, Charley wouldn't really need saving. But I'd definitely help her slay the dragon...but most likely she'd kick its ass more than I could contribute! Lol!!

FLORA, FAUNA, AND MERRYWEATHER--Your favorite dysfunctional family

While Kaz and his crew aren't necessarily family, they were quite the group of people! I think by the end they were something of a family. A very dysfunctional family you can't help but love!!

MALEFCIENT--A villain you can relate to

The Darkling was very relatable in a sense. True he went about his ambitions in a destructive way, but in the long run, I felt like he just wanted to be loved and who doesn't want that?

ONCE UPON A DREAM--A book that gave you deja vu

This one gave me the feels and memories I had of L.J. Smith's The Forbidden Game! While Stephanie's story is entirely different in the long run, it was just that whole "dangerous game" that was being played that reminded me of Smith's book! Ironically, they both had a Julian too! :D

BLUE VS PINK--A character who can't make up his/her mind

Like many a YA heroine, Layla couldn't seem to make up her mind about who she wanted to be with! The ever present love triangle. Though I admit, Jennifer does good love triangles as I found myself unable to pick a "team" right away, but my heart was always set on Roth despite how awesome Zayne could be!

SLEEPING SPINDLE (FULFILLMENT OF THE CURSE)--A book that turned out exactly how you thought it would

It's probably cheating to pick the final Harry Potter book but in the long run it ended in the way I had hoped for, although there were a few too many deaths that I didn't want to happen but what can you do? Lol.

If anyone else wants to get in on this fun little tag, consider yourself tagged!









  1. What a fun tag! And I don't think it's cheating at all to pick Harry Potter--I was very undecided as to how I thought it would end up (I vaguely wanted a much darker ending with almost everyone dying lol).

  2. I enjoyed this tag.... and oh the darkling. yup for sure. loved your answers.

  3. I was actually Team Zayne in White Hot Kiss, but I never did finish the series to find out who she chose!!! (Don't tell me!)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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