Feb 6, 2019

Let's Discuss: King of Scars

Last week the famed King of Scars released and I feel like it's a book nearly everyone was excited for and all dove into. I bought myself a copy...or two, by mistake, LOL, and yet I won't be reading it right away, not only because I am still trying to get caught up on my review books but for another reason entirely.

Why I'm Not Reading King of Scars Just Yet

I love Leigh's books! Don't get me wrong! Big time fan! Yet lately, when it's been said that certain series will be duologies, I find myself wanting to binge read them instead of reading book 1 waiting a year and forgetting the events of book 1 and then reading book 2! I'm not a fast reader compared to most bloggers! Lol. I take a few days to get through a book, even ones that I am loving and are perfect in pacing and everything. I just can't read that fast.

I waited to read the Six of Crows duology back to back and omg, that was the best thing I ever could have done! After seeing that cliffhanger, I would've been driven insane during that year wait!

So while I am dying to pick it up and read those beloved 500+ pages, I am going to wait until next year at least and binge read it back to back. 

It's truly the best thing for my sanity and I have to think of my sanity first! ;)

So for those of you who have read it...was it amazing? Anyone else going to try waiting until next year to binge it? Or even just re-read King of Scars next year before its eventual sequel?

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