Feb 20, 2019

Let's Discuss: Weird Quirks

Time for a little sharing moment! This will be a short post to discuss...

The Weirdness that is Me

I'm weird. I've no shame in it. Weird is fun. Weird is unique. Weird is different! Among my many quirks, one of them is that when I get an Amazon gift card I refuse to use it on any ebooks. Yup. I won't do it. If there's an ebook I want, I will wait until I finish up my gift card. This makes no sense. I realize this.

When I get an Amazon gift card, I think of it as a book gift card. A gift card to buy books and only books! None of the other crap Amazon sells. I only have Prime so I can get my books on release day and get the lowest preorder price--well that's in general, but if I were to order multiple books with different release dates in the same order, they'll ship them as they release instead of making me wait until they were all "out."

But why don't I use them on ebooks for the rare times I buy them? It's more about wanting to use the gift card money on a book I can hold! Putting the funds to good use instead of on a book or novella that's under $5. 

So that is just one of my weird quirks! Any chance anyone else does this? Lol.


  1. I rarely get amazon giftcards, so I haven't really used it on books. But next time I get one I'm sure I will get books. Being weird is the best!
    Ash @ JennRenee Read

  2. Funny! I never really thought about using an Amazon gift card on ebooks vs. regular books, but I will say that I got money for my birthday and it's ALL going toward BOOKS! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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