May 14, 2019

90's Movies Book Tag

Here's another fun book tag that I saw over at JennReneeRead that she saw over at The Butterfly Reader. I'm not sure where it originated from, but it looked too good to pass up! I borrowed the above image from Carrie's blog as it fits the tag perfectly...naturally! I amended the name for my blog, as I did a 90's book tag already but this one seems to be geared more towards movie prompts.

SHE'S ALL THAT: name a book couple that are an odd pairing, but they still fit perfectly together

If you had told me at the beginning of The Falling Kingdom series that I would ADORE Magnus and Cleo as a couple, I would've laughed so hard I'd be crying!! But they work!! I was soooo enamored with them probably by the 4th book if not beginning at the third!

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU: a book/series you have a love/hate relationship with

I still refer to this as The Southern Vampire Mystery series because that's what it originally was! I loved them back then! Then it was right when the series name switched as did the hardback size that things took a downhill turn. It was about when True Blood was getting underway too. The mystery element was nearly non-existent, yet I still read the series because it was kind of guilty pleasure and plus, you know, I wanted to see how it would end after all this time.

CLUELESS: a character that it totally clueless, but you love them anyway

This one's hard. A lot of the times the main character can be sort of clueless to what's really in the world. This tends to be true when it comes to paranormal books. If you aren't "in" on it, you're clueless. Meghan was clueless in the beginning as to what's really living in this world and about her own heritage, but learns pretty quick!

TITANIC: a book that made you cry

Not counting any Harry Potter book from 5 on, Strange and Ever After was one that had me bawling! OMG, this ending STILL kills me! I refuse to talk about it too! Lol! All these years and I still don't want to spoil it!

AMERICAN PIE: a book that made you laugh

I literally just chose one of these books at random! The entire Charley Davidson series had me laughing out loud, so it was hard to pick just one! Lol! This was definitely a LOL series!!

CAN'T HARDLY WAIT: a book with a crazy party

I can't really remember any book having a wild and crazy party, but in The Darkest Star there's a pretty wild time happening at a club, so there you go!

CRUEL INTENTIONS: name a character you can never fully trust

Morpheus. I struggled with this one and had to dig around for some inspiration. I believe Carrie chose him too and I remember why I disliked him out of Alyssa's "choices." He did something that immediately made me distrust him and pretty much if you break my trust, I don't forgive and forget! Lol. He was a complicated character and I tried to like him, but it was hard since I couldn't trust him!

DRIVE ME CRAZY: name your favorite "boy next door" or "girl next door" couple

I decided to use this movie as the prompt because they were the first 90's "boy/girl next door" movie that popped to my head! Lol! And naturally, have to agree with Carrie, Daemon and Katy since they were the "boy/girl next door" and I LOVED THEM!!!

SCREAM: a book with a memorable villain

Malone was without a doubt my most hated villain! In the early days of reading, naturally! I despised him. I mean I was dying for him to get his! He popped up fairly early in the series too, so it was a long wait for his to get his comeuppance!

THE CRAFT: a book with witches

Kim Harrison's Hollow series was all about a witch named Rachel Morgan and I LOOOOVED this series so much!! It was one of my first adult series I read and remained a favorite throughout!


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