May 11, 2019

Review--Blind Tiger by Rachel Vincent

Robyn Sheffield wants her life back. 

As the only female stray in the US, she's had to deal with bloodlust, flashbacks, a lack of impulse control (which might not have anything to do with being a shifter), and weeks under house arrest for crimes she never meant to commit. But when she overhears the territorial council plotting to marry her off to an eligible tom? It's time for this chick to fly the coop. 

Titus Alexander wants recognition. 

He’s spent the past year carving his territory out of the Mississippi free zone, forming a community for strays exiled and forgotten by the US Prides. As the first stray Alpha, he’s sworn to bring the toms under his authority the rights, support, and respect that official confirmation from the council will bring. But then the council’s precious female stray sneaks into the free zone in the back of his car and demands sanctuary. 

The council gives Titus a choice: send Robyn back and have his Pride acknowledged, or prepare for war. Citizenship for his men is within his grasp. So why is it so hard for him to let one rebellious tabby go?

So I decided it was time to work on my Backlist Challenge and I decided I needed to read a Rachel Vincent novel and Blind Tiger had been calling to me for ages! Rachel returns to the Shifters world once again but this time one new characters, ones that we met in Abby's first book, Lion's Share

Robyn was Abby's best friend in college until the terrible night when Robyn was turned into a werecat and then kidnapped by hunters and she ended up killing them. Now she's living with the Di Carlos and is being rehabilitated and learning how to control her animal instincts, but she's starting to tire of all their rules. This is especially so when she overhears the Alphas discussing potential mates for her. 

Titus had paid a visit to the Alphas trying to get his Pride of Strays to be recognized as a true Pride. However, the Alphas are reluctant to give the Strays any kind of power. Titus leaves the meeting without succeeding in gaining any ground, he doesn't realize until he's crossed the territory lines that Robyn has hitched a ride!

Robyn just wants her freedom, she wants to be able to make her own choices regarding her life and while Titus can see her point, he knows there will be hell to pay if he doesn't get her back. The Alphas are aware of her absence almost immediately. But as fate would have it, Robyn is given a reprieve, she gets to spend two weeks at Titus' place before she must go back and continue her training. 

It's not long into her stay when a mystery comes about! A recently infected werecat was brought to Titus' house and his trace scent, the one that could tell who infected him smells very familiar. Titus is forced to leave his growing Pride and figure out who is behind the recent string of infections that keep popping up. And naturally, Robyn decides to tag along!

The mystery element was really good! I didn't really grasp what it all meant at first but once it was said, I was totally onboard! I was making guesses as to what could be the reasoning behind it all and while it took me awhile to formulate a whodunit, I will say that I was right! Lol.

This was a very exciting read! I was happy to see Abby and Jace again, however briefly, including Faythe and Marc! It was AMAZING! Robyn was a great character as well! Since I can't remember Lion's Share really well, she just felt like a new heroine to love! She was fiesty and independent and I love her attitude! She's got some sass to her! Titus is your typical strong alpha male type, but he's not overbearing at all. In fact, he was really considerate to Robyn and her situation.

The romance was both sweet and sexy! Rachel knows how to write a good romance, as has been proven time and time again! I am thrilled that Rachel continued the Shifters series with a greater world series! I'm loving these new couples and seeing the familiar faces again and again! It's really the perfect kind of read! While fans of the original series will full-heartedly enjoy this series, I think new fans will liken to it too! You can easily get into this series without needing to read the first series, though I'd still recommend it! My blog was started because of this original series, so you know it has my full support! Lol.

Blind Tiger was yet another amazing read that proves why Rachel Vincent remains one of my all time favorite authors and at the top of the autobuy list! If you haven't read one of her novels yet, I highly recommend them!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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