May 25, 2019

Aladdin Book Tag

So I saw this post originally at Cornerfolds and it was actually my good friend Amber at Du Livre who created it and I was like WHOA!! I NEED to do this! Just like I NEED to see the new Aladdin movie...hopefully soon! The images were all borrowed at Amber's post because I have zero skills in that area! Plus, they're perfect!

I mean Caraval obviously!! Lol! Falling Kingdoms was another epic series that I fell in love with that seriously just got better and better with every book!

I'll admit that when I first saw this cover I thought it was a chick lit type of book. I guess the scythe didn't really stand out to me at the first glance with all the white and sandaled foot. SO glad I was wrong! 

This took some thinking, and I am pretty sure I zeroed in on the right name, Jackson aka Rapier...Hanna's boyfriend who was kind of a jerk throughout. He redeems himself in the end though in a big way!

I feel like Luc is a character like this! He always seems to make Evie smile and whatnot when the sh*t's about to hit the fan. Not sure if that really encompasses the prompt but it was the best I could do!

Definitely Katy for our shared love of books and blogging and Tella too! Tella has her own kind of snark and I admire her bravery and her overall attitude. While I am not as brave, I feel like I share her habit of speaking her mind a lot! I think the three of us would get along great!


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