May 31, 2019

Challenges Wrap-up: MAY

CHALLENGE 1: 2019 New Release Challenge

#murderfunding by Gretchen McNeil (8/6/19)--Review to come at a later date
Heart of the Lion by Alyssa Rose Ivy (4/25/19)
The Missing Season by Gillian French (5/21/19)
Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa (6/18/19)--Review to come at a later date
The Burning Shadow by Jennifer L. Armentrout (10/8/19)--Review to come at a later date

Doing pretty good! I believe my first goal was to read 15 new releases, and when I topped that I decided just to up it to 30 to tap out the level I was in. Doing good so far!

CHALLENGE 2: The Backlist Reader Challenge 2019

Blind Tiger by Rachel Vincent (2/13/17)
99 Lies by Rachel Vincent (6/26/18)

Better than last month, that's for sure! Lol. Trying to sneak more backlist titles in as I make random requests and auto-downloads from Netgalley and Edelweiss. I've got a one-click problem! LOL!

CHALLENGE 3: 2019 Discussion Challenge

Challenge 4: 2019 Series Ender Reading Challenge

99 Lies by Rachel Vincent (100 Hours Duology)
The Beyond by Chloe Neill (The Veil)

Well, I tapped out my level. I haven't decided how many more I want to add to it for level 2. I'm not sure I will do 10, I could, but I don't like over-predicting and then failing by year end because of life changes. But I will be sure to add to it soon.

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