Aug 18, 2020

Let's Discuss: Book Collections

As booklovers, we sometimes have that one book, one series, one author where we want to collect absolutely everything possible from them! I think that's just how we are and when other people look at your 15 copies of the same book, but you stipulate how different they get that funny look. You know? It started getting me do you define "collecting" when it comes to books?

Book Collections

So I scroll through the booksfortrade hashtag regularly. I pretty much have nothing of value to trade but it never stops me from browsing. And everyone has their posts where they're "looking to complete their collection" with this ONE last title! That's all they need and their collection will be complete. Which makes me wonder...what do you consider necessary to make your collection complete? Which specific books/ARCs?

So many people are happy to have the US ARC, the UK ARC, and a bound manuscript, and the finished hardcovers and they're done. That's it! No paperbacks, no international editions...basically if they can't read it, it's not needed.

As you all know, I looooove collecting the Caraval series! Whatever book I can find and feasibly buy, I add to my collection. I'm more about collecting covers. When I see a cover that's different than the standard US or UK one I NEEEEEEEED IT!

(hopefully you all know this episode to make this gif more relevant! LOL)

I guess it amazes me when someone proclaims themselves a die-hard fan/collector, yet their collection only contains the ARCs and possible manuscripts--should those exist. I mean, there are so many gorgeous covers to collect, yet they're content with the same one, over and over. I guess I find it baffling...and maybe I'm envious they're content with such a minor assortment.

Me, I'm constantly trying to track down foreign websites that ship to the US--while opening two page searches, one with Google translate--and since we're in COVID times, this has become insanely harder! What's worse...if you wait until "happier" times, the book will likely be out of print and even harder to track down. And this is also not even mentioning the agonizing wait of transit to see what will happen!

I've a friend who also collects Caraval and we both periodically start scrolling the webiverse looking for our different Caraval copies (and Legendary and Finale too of course!) that will ship to the US and when we find one we're messaging one another with our successful finds! It's funny too, because I know my mom will take one look at the book and ask me "what language is it this time?" LOL!

But since I narrowed myself down to mainly covers that are different and sometimes, maybe just the Caraval copy as Legendary becomes harder to find and not everyone has gotten rights to publish Finale yet, so then I'd have an unfinished set going on here. But COVID has already mucked up so much with this year, I'm ready to metaphorically find it and hunt it DOWN! Lol. My Persian Finale has been pushed back months and months and every two months when I check in with the bookstore, they tell me, "not yet." 

I guess in some sense I say my collection will likely never be complete as there will always be unattainable copies. Not the ARCs, I've given up on those really, and only have a somewhat lingering desire for the UK ones as they're slightly different in appearance to the finished copy and I'm all about the variety! 

And with a fourth installment on the way, I'm telling myself I better start squirreling money away now! Lol.

(my updated Caraval collection - minus this week's recent additions!)

So yeah, I got extra chatty there! If you're a collector of anything, one title, one author, one series, or multiple, how do you define the collection? What would it take for your collection to be "complete?" I feel like every collector has a different answer and I'm honestly super curious how others define theirs!! :)

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