Aug 1, 2020

Let's Discuss: Instagram

Every time I get on Instagram lately I feel more and more upset by the so called "new and improved updates" they've enacted. It makes me long for the days when Instagram used to be better...

I Remember When...Instagram Was Cool

Does anyone else remember when Instagram actually presented your feed to you in chronological order? I LOATHE this by popularity sorting. It sucks.

Do you know I actually see the SAME picture twice in different hour visits? Yeah. Apparently the picture set is SOO popular that I get to see it twice. In one hour.

I haaate when I see a picture that was posted 10 minutes ago immediately followed by one from 3 hours ago...that I didn't see 3 hours ago.

And these ads! UGH! Can't there be a yearly fee to get rid of them? Like $10 a year, because honestly it would be worth it. I'll be scrolling and it seems the scroll automatically stops on an ad. A stupid stupid ad. In the beginning and still now on rare occasions, they're kind of gross. I used to report every single ad I saw because they annoyed me. But then that took too much time, especially after every THREE pictures from people I follow I had to see an ad.

I felt like Instagram used to be cool. It used to be a platform for picture sharing. Now it's something else entirely. It's a hot mess.

Do you use Instagram? How do you feel about the algorithm that everyone hates and repeatedly told Instagram this?

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