Aug 27, 2020

Random Thursday

All right folks, we're finally here! This is the end of Weird But True by Leslie Gilbert Elman! We've been at this book for nearly a year! Can you believe it? Let's see what last little factoids we can learn today!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
 Magellanic penguins migrate home to Southern Chile and Argentina every winter by swimming. They return to their birthplace to mate every spring.

 I never really thought penguins liked the warmer climates. I guess I always associated Chile and Argentina as "warm" places!

 (image borrowed from Youtube)
Studies have shown that at least 60% of people have experienced a sense of deja vu. As you age your experience with deja vu tends to go down.

FUN FACT: Deja vu doesn't require visual cues, blind people have cases of deja vu just as often as people with sight.

I know I've had a few moments of deja vu somewhere in the past...but naturally, I can't remember when or what! Lol. 

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
People associate "History repeats itself" with Karl Marx, however, he didn't actually write these words and he never claimed that they were his. This idea came from a treatise that Georg Wilhelm Hegel, a German philosopher.
Friedrich Engels. a political philosopher and Marx's friend and colleague paraphrased Hegel's idea in a letter to Marx, who later paraphrased it again in the pamphlet he wrote about French politics.

So he said he said he said "History never repeats itself." Got it. Lol.

(image borrowed from The New York Times)
Much like snowflakes, no two lightning bolts are identical.

Now I'm going to say "aren't you a special little lightning bolt!" instead of snowflake! LOL!

(image borrowed from Treehugger)
Central Africa has more lightning strikes than any other place on Earth. There's almost never any lightning strikes in Antarctica or the Arctic.

FUN FACT: There's hundreds of millions of lightning strikes on Earth every year and twenty million of those are in the continental US alone. Scientists are pretty certain that lightning can strike in the same place twice.

You know I never understood why it wouldn't strike more than once in the same place.


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