Aug 6, 2020

Random Thursday

This is it folks! We're in the last month of the little book Weird But True by Leslie Gilbert Elman! I have to say that the title has been very fitting. Such weird things that I've learned and it's mind-blowing that they are all true! Let's see what we will learn today!

(image borrowed from Simpsons Wiki)
Did you know that some children are born with gray hair? It's rare though. Premature gray hair is caused by genetics.

I feel like I've seen an actor like this...but I can't recall who. Otherwise you'd be looking at them instead of Marge's mom! Lol.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
The gene for red hair dates back to prehistoric times. DNA from Neanderthals was found in Spain and Italy that indicates this.

I guess I'm not much of a history buff to find this surprising. 

(image borrowed from Disney Princess)
Redheads make up 2% of the world's population today.

FUN FACT: Scotland reportedly has the world's highest percent of redheads. There's an estimate of 11-13% of the Scottish population who have red hair.

That's interesting. I honestly can't remember meeting too many redheads. My cousin had reddish brown hair. I guess it also depends on you definition of "redhead."

(image borrowed from Youtube)
One of the factors that determines how much anesthesia a patient gets before surgery is hair color. A study done in Kentucky at the University of Louisville showed that redheads required 20% more anesthesia than blondes or brunettes.

That's weird. As is this picture that was just below the first one I found above, though it's oddly fascinating too! the evolution of Ariel in Disney promotions. Seriously, what happened here? I don't even remember the light green dress before the last green dress. I guess they were tired of pink? They even went back and forth with Aurora's dress for a time, so come on, it was that much pink! I suppose the green now is to represent her mermaid heritage more so than referencing her pink dress in the movie.

(image borrowed from TV Guide)
Though anesthesia is supposed to keep a patient knocked out during a surgery, about 1/863 patients under general anesthesia have some awareness or recollection of the procedure.

That's downright terrifying and I've had a handful of surgeries down myself. Though when I was having my wisdom teeth pulled, I sort of work up towards the end of the procedure. I think the IV got knocked or something. I remember feeling like they left a heavy metal tool on my face and was trying to move it off my cheek. Luckily, they fixed the IV and I was back out! Lol.

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