Dec 7, 2022

Review--Charm by Tracy Wolff


The instant #1 New York Times Bestselling Series
Goodreads Most Anticipated YA Book of November
Barnes & Noble Most Anticipated New YA Release
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Finally find out what happened during those missing four months, as the thrilling adventure continues!

He’s under my skin…

After Katmere, I shouldn’t be surprised by anything. Including the existence of a world beyond my world called the Shadow Realm. Yet here I am, stuck in a strange, dangerous place with the worst of the supernaturals, the monster that other monsters fear: Hudson Vega. He might be Jaxon’s brother and ridiculously hot, but he’s a complete bona fide pain in my ass.

The question is whether we’ll find a way out before I kill him…or run out of time.

She’s stealing my heart…

It’s a truth universally known—at least according to Grace—that everything is my fault. But I have a nasty suspicion that Grace isn’t as human as she thinks, and she’s the one keeping us trapped. Now we’ll have to work together not only to survive, but to save all those we’ve come to call family who live here.

Because there’s something connecting us. Something stronger than fear…and way more bloody dangerous.



I finally finished Tracy Wolff’s Charm and it was oh so amazing and thrilling and exciting and enchanting as I knew it would be! I was positively “charmed” by it you could say! Yes, I’m giddy and being over the top, but I’m coming off a book high, y’all!

While this book is the fifth in the series, it can kind of run as a book 1.5 for the majority of it! As this story tells where Grace was when she turned to stone after the events of Crave. She and Hudson were trapped in a place that at first seemed like a prison of Grace’s own making, but it ended up being something larger than that! Pretty sure, I will admit I read this throughout a very nasty cold, so my comprehension may not be up to par entirely. But suffice to say, they existed and didn’t exist anymore in the world we have come know. Really at the end things make way more sense, but for spoilers sake, I will leave you with my slightly confusing rambling.

After spending a year trapped together in some bizarre house that seemed to respond to Grace’s needs, they pretty much butted heads. Grace believed she was trapped with a killer, someone who tried to kill her beloved Jaxon and would not hesitate to kill her if given the opportunity. She’s heard all the rumors about how evil and vicious Hudson is, so if she can make him miserable in their time together, she’d consider it justice. But then…she gets to know Hudson, little by little. It’s like a Beauty and the Beast story in some respects.

We know now Hudson was not the evildoer he was made out to be in the early days, but we are back in the early days, so Grace doesn’t know any of this. So there was a sort of trust that had to be built again, along with the friendship and romance that was soon to come. And trust me, those romantic moments that were had were spine-tingling!

While they were trapped in this house they were being hounded by a dragon, one that would constantly attack them and soon they do escape the house and come to learn they are in the Shadow Realm, a realm that everyone thought was lost but wasn’t. And naturally, they learn there are new enemies in this world, ones who are not too happy that they are there. Namely, the Shadow Queen. She’s a bit of an enigma to be honest. We only catch word of how powerful and scary she is and when she makes her appearance at the end…it’s not much of a show. But since the Grace and the gang are headed back to her territory in the next book, I figure she will become something more for us and them then.

But they do learn of a threat to the Shadow Realm that they have come to love and they will do anything to stop it and protect the people there as well. It was quite the exciting story! I always hate getting into too many details, especially with long books such as this, although with the other books in this series, this one was pretty tame in terms of length. And since it was Hudson and Grace falling in love for the first time it was pretty epic. The pacing is a mite slow in some respects, but once you’ve grown to love the world and the characters in it, that doesn’t seem to matter to fans. For newer people it might, but again, this is book 5, so you’re either in this series or not by now!

The next book is sure to be epic as the book ended with the current timeline and we’re brought up to speed with what had happened at the end of Court and are ready to take on this new adventure that is bound to be epic! The Crave series was quick to become one of my favorites but since I was already a fan of the author, that’s no surprise, plus it’s a paranormal read, another no-brainer for me! This series and me were just meant to be and I cannot wait for the next installment! I once again would recommend this to all fans of YA Paranormal as it’s got everything and then some in it! There’s nothing not to love about this series and I can’t get enough of it!



Overall Rating 5/5 stars








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