Jan 2, 2023

Let's Discuss: Books with Romance vs. Romance Books


Happy New Year all! I had a teeny tiny mini rush of inspiration for a few discussion posts. THREE ideas came to me! Although it turns out I discussed one already, but that still leaves me with two ideas! The first one that came to me involved books with romance in them vs romance books.


Books with Romance vs Romance Books


I typically read books with romance in them. To me that means that while my books have a romance happening within the story, it is not the sole focus of the story. In my early days, I would pick up a paranormal romance and be a little put off by how much focus was put on the romance. Like where was the story? Where was the conflict? Just something...

Well, I've learned a lot since those early days. I've come to realize that I really only like romance in my books where in the very beginning I could careless if the book had any romance in it. Again, I read a lot of the wrong books in my days where it just wasn't what I was looking for at the time. If I were to go back now...well, I might not like it as much still because again, I am more about plot and action than see the characters' sole focus is to win the guy/girl over.

I've found that the books with romance in it and have a completely different plot or goal in mind focus on that and the romance just kind of happens. And I feel like it's a little more magical in that way. The book I'm currently reading is definitely more of a paranormal romance, so the romance is fast to happen, but there's still a bit of conflict and mystery happening, so the characters aren't jumping at each other all the time and I'm 100 pages in at the moment!

We all have different tastes and what not when it comes to reading and I find this is one of mine. I don't mind romance in my reads anymore and that is a huge milestone from where I was when this blog started! If the romance is more than just a kiss or two, and there's more development in the relationship, I don't mind at all! Heck, sometimes I even want to see that development! Although I do still find I like the romance as a side element and not being the focal point of the story no matter how entertained I may be with it!


How about you? Do you like romance in your books? Or do you like romance books flat out?








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