Jan 8, 2023

Stacking the Shelves--Heartbreak, Mending, and More Heartbreak


Stacking the Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks! The meme is now hosted by Reading Reality.


I'm still in a bit of post holiday fog this week. Returning to work after the two holiday weekends back to back was a bit rough. Luckily it was only a four day work week, but I know this coming week will be realllllly bad since it's the first 5 day week of the year! I believe I get MLKJ Day off, though, so that will be nice! The week was a bit harrowing in some sense. The mail has been seriously stressing me out what with packages keep getting overly delayed, like we're talking weeks delayed and tracking NEVER updates until it just shows up randomly! Then I keep getting horrendously bad luck on my A Touch of Magic Designs orders, my November one was deemed lost and now my December one has turned up 1 print short (one I purchased, not a freebie one). I know they are really good at correcting things but two months in a row after I've been having really bad luck with USPS lately is enough to stomp my heart and crush my soul. So yeah...2023 isn't off to the best of starts. But on the PLUS side...I did go to an author signing this week to meet Rachel Hawkins again! She was in St. Louis a few years back before she started writing Adult books, so since I was able to get all my YA books of hers signed then, this time I got all my Adult books by her signed! It was a nice signing too! I went to this particular library for the first time ever, it must have been a newer branch of my library system because it looked really nice and new...unless it was redesigned, as they have been updating the branches over the last few years, so it could've been that too, but I know I never previously visited it either way!


Onto the good stuff! Here's what I got this week:



From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout--LugLive edition! I got an email about a month ago regarding this edition and since it was a color variant cover, I felt a desire to buy it! I love when the covers change colors around! It's a sickness to buy books in this way...but here we are! Lol.
This Time Tomorrow by Tessa Bailey
Today, Tomorrow and Always by Tessa Bailey
Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco--the Fairy Loot edition...which seems to be a topic of conversation these days! The colors are kind of off from the first two...so it doesn't really match all that well. Still pretty, but yeah, wish it could've matched better.
The Villa by Rachel Hawkins--SIGNED! I was happy to continue buying the paperbacks of this series but when the author ends up in your city for the tour, you forgo the desire to keep the series in the same format! Lol.

Then after massive delays my Fairy Loot December ADULT book arrived after being rerouted for over a week AND my December YA book showed up too! I had been stressing out over my "lost" books so much that I forgot to keep an eye on this one! Lol.

Emily Wilde's Encyclopedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett
Cruel Illusions by Margie Fuston

I was actually quite taken with both of these books! I had been spoiled for Cruel Illusions cover already...the bane of having your book lost for over a week results in spoilers. I'm really excited to read both of these though, so FL did very well for December! Depending on my level of enjoyment, I may have to add the US copies to my collection as well as those covers weren't too bad either! Lol.

Then I got two orders from A Touch of Magic Designs! The first was my new bakery pin banner and the first pin of the collection! The second was my December order, which sadly arrived without a print. I know the team is usually good about correcting things, but as I said, this is now two months in a row of sadness when it comes to my orders and since they are located in another country, I know getting replacements will take some time. Sigh...

That final shelf on the pin banner is much more noticeable this time around! ;D

My December prints included the FREEBIE one of Nesta and Cassian, the little Chimera from House of Earth and Blood, the Jacks and Evangeline one (of course!), the Poppy one that I thought was SUPER pretty, and the Christmas freebie of the Maas girls! The one that was missing was the Belladonna one with Signa and Death dancing. Sigh...


And finally, I received my preorder gift for Shades of Rust and Ruin! My first one must have gotten lost in the mail...more signs that USPS is getting tired of delivering to me. :(


I received a two-sided character card of the main characters! The art is so pretty! 

HUGE THANK YOU Bloomsbury YA!!

And that was it for me! A little bit of heartbreak, but a little bit of relief to the previously broken heart too! Maybe by next month it can be mended once more! What did you all get this week?


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