Jan 7, 2023

Randomness Post: Disney Calendar Factoids

Time for a throwback Thursday...on a Saturday! A throwback to my random posts as I've got one for you today! I was using a Disney Daily Calendar last year and while I did not find too many bloopers this time around, I did note a few with factoids that I found interesting that I either didn't know or can't remember knowing! Lol.

So here's just some fun facts that I noted throughout the year! I didn't end up buying one this year as some of the repeat pictures and factoids were tiresome. Too many times I found the exact same picture with the exact same caption, sometimes with the exact same blooper/misfact or whatever you want to call it!

To draw Snow White dancing, Disney animators filmed Marge Champion, a renown dancer, dancing to use as a reference. Marge was also used as a model for The Blue Fairy in Pinocchio and Maid Marien in Robin Hood, and even the hippo in Fantasia!

There are 10,297 balloons that lift Carl's house in Up! In reality it would've taken around 20 million balloons to lift his house!

Howard Ashman is the lyricist behind giving Beauty and the Beast animated enchanted objects. In early drafts, the objects just floated around apparently!

In Toy Story 4, Forky's name was inspired by the director, Josh Cooley's four-year-old son who suggested the name Fork Face.

To the time of the calendar's inception, no one at Disney can say what the Q. in Timothy Q. Mouse stands for.

I say we need a Disney's Unsolved Mysteries show on Disney+! THAT would be very interesting indeed! Just think...so many missing persons' cases on the Disney mothers who we were never told about and just had to assume death! I mean obviously, they had to have died, but still. It's a mystery!

The Sherman Brothers wrote a lot of songs for Disney, including "Scales and Arpeggios" in The Aristocats, several songs in Mary Poppins, and of course, "It's a Small World!"

The first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be made in color was The Band Concert, in 1935. Mickey and his band are playing a concert in the park and when they play a piece titled, "The Storm," a tornado flies by!

Before becoming the lovable chameleon that he is, Pascal was almost a purple squirrel!

In early scripts of Peter Pan, Nana was going to narrate the story AND she would actually go to Neverland with the Darling children!

Because she will never see this, I will say I remember when my oldest niece was very little and watching this, she burst into tears when the dad put Nana outside in the doghouse! We thought something else was wrong with her that night when we heard her sobbing. I mean of all the movies to cry at?! Lol. Though since we were a dog family, I did "get" it.

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