Feb 2, 2018

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: Do you prefer to blog about (a) specific book genre(s), or do you have an eclectic blog? (submitted by Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books)
MY ANSWER: My blog is mostly geared towards paranormal and fantasy reads, be they adult or YA or even NA if I can find one! There are a few random thrillers or horrors; the cozy mysteries I read tend to be of a paranormal sort so those kind of fall under paranormal! So I guess it's a widespread branch of paranormal titles as sometimes I consider fantasies like paranormals since magic is involved. It's all the "not normal/ordinary/real life" genres! Lol!


  1. Great answer!! :) While I blog about a very wide variety of books, I really enjoy following blogs like yours that are more specific! <3

  2. That's great that you've got a kind of umbrella that the bulk of your reading falls under. I don't read much paranormal but I've been reading a lot more of it lately.

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorite reading genres.

    I don't read these genres, but you are like me and stick to certain genres only.

    Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog.

  4. Although my blog has reviews of a lot of different genres, fantasy is definitely my favorite genre too! It's the one I read the most! :D Thanks for sharing! Have an amazing weekend Jessica.

    My Book Blogger Hop!

  5. I loved your answer :) I read a little bit of almost everything.

    Megan @ Ginger Mom & the Kindle Quest

  6. I love paranormal themed books. :)

  7. I have never heard of NA before! It sounds like an interesting genre although I can't wrap my head around what that might mean. I like to read slice of life (or "normal" books :P) a lot but lately I've been reading a lot of fantasy/sci-fi. I can't remember the last paranormal book I've read that wasn't from the Twilight series. I think I might have to educate myself. Do you have any books you would recommend?

    Here's my answer: http://edelgrace.me/blog/book-blogger-hop-22/

  8. I didn't want to lock myself into anything too specific. I was worried I wouldn't have a lot of support and followers if I picked one genre, and I read so much more than one.

  9. It's awesome that you stick with mainly the paranormal and fantasy. Those are great genres!!


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