Feb 2, 2018

Challenges Wrap-up: January

CHALLENGE 1: 2018 New Release Challenge

Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu  (1/2/18)
The Cruel Prince by Holly Black  (1/2/18)
The Sweetest Kind of Fate by Crystal Cestari  (2/13/18)
To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo  (3/6/18)
#murdertrending by Gretchen McNeil  (8/7/18)
Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes  (2/6/18)
Tempt by Alyssa Rose Ivy  (1/23/18)

Got off to a pretty good start! I read 7 new releases in January alone!! Though as you can see, three were ARCs so those reviews aren't up yet. Though 2/3 will be up later this month!

CHALLENGE 2: Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2018

Doll Bones by Holly Black  (5/7/13)
Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop  (3/3/15)
Until Dawn by Erin Kellison  (10/1/16)
Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop  (3/8/16)
Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop  (3/7/17)

5 titles surprised me! Lol! I was itching to read new releases before I met the authors, but I still managed to read 5 old books! Including finishing up a series!!

CHALLENGE 3: 2018 Discussion Challenge

I managed 7 posts this month!! Wow! It's funny, though! Every time a random topic came to mind I wrote about it! As you can see...they got really random! LOL!

CHALLENGE 4: 2018 Series Enders Reading Challenge
Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes (Falling Kingdoms)
Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop (The Others)

I finished up 2 series in January. While it's true, The Others series isn't exactly "over", Meg's story is. The new series is still in the same world and is going by the same name, yet we have completely different characters. My brain is saying Etched in Bone is the end of Meg's series of The Others, but The Others will continue with the new people! Lol!

CHALLENGE 5: Goodreads Challenge

As you can see from the titles I listed in the first two challenges, I've read 12 books out of my pledge of 100!


  1. This is a fun post idea! I want to start doing monthly wrap-ups, but I just forget every single time. I might try to do a January one this week... I think I worked towards my goal of reading 20 books I owned before 2018. I read two. I think you're doing much better than I am. ;)

  2. It seems like you're keeping up with your goals! I think I am, but I haven't checked in yet. I just visited your Rosewell and Borders posts and loved them! Discussion posts are always my favorites, but it also takes me such a long time to write them because I tend to ramble. :)

  3. You had a great reading month. I hope February is as good for you. Anne Bishop is an author I really want to check out.

  4. I just did my 2017 wrapup and need to get 2018 started.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. I wasn't going to do the Series Enders challenge again this year (just so I could cut down on challenges), but then I won their giveaway and I feel like I should participate again. Is that weird? I have weird guilt issues. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  6. You're doing so well on your challenges!


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