Feb 8, 2018

REIGN THE EARTH BLOG TOUR: Who I Would Reign the Earth With +Giveaway!

Hey all! Welcome to my stop of the Reign the Earth blog tour! I was asked to write a post about who I would "reign the earth" with, if it were to ever happen!

My first thought was if I were to reign the earth with any book character, it would have to be Katy from Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series! A reader and a book blogger and someone I can totally relate to! It would be perfect!! Booklovers unite to reign the world! There would NEVER be canceled series ever ever again! Most of us have felt this kind of pain, me and Katy would never allow this to happen again! 

Though character deaths are another story! While I would love to say we could prevent this, I am not so sure. I mean as much as I hate to admit, I've seen the point of some character deaths and how they were necessary. Not always, but some of the times! 

I'd also like to say that there would be this magical happenstance where there we no ARCs because the books would just come into existence lickety split! Like when the time came for an ARC to be produced it would just magically be perfected into existence. Naturally, publishing houses will be run with magic to make all these things happen so quickly! True, there might still be waiting periods between books, but since we're working with magic, why not make it a month between releases instead of a year or two?

I know a lot of this seems impossible, but Katy and I would make this happen since we'd be living in a world with magic as well! Think of all the beautiful things we could create for a booklover's dream world!! DAEMONS FOR EVERYBODY! Lol! (Or you know if Daemon wasn't for you, your perfect book boyfriend/girlfriend would be created into existence for you too!)

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