Feb 22, 2018

Random Thursday

There's going to be some weird things to learn today within the pages of That's a Fact Jack: A Collection of Utterly Useless Information [Updated] by Harry Bright and Jakob Anser!

(image borrowed from Sports Vape)
"Bubble gum is pink because Walter Diemer, a Fleer employee, had only pink coloring left when he mixed up his first successful batch."

That I did not know!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
"Twinkies are 68 percent air and 32 percent Twinkie stuff, which means you can pack three Twinkies in the same space taken up by only one."


(image borrowed from WTOP)
"Saddam Hussein's favorite American snacks were Raisin Bran and Doritos. He disliked Froot Loops."

Yeah, that's random!

(image borrowed from Amazon)
"According to the grocer down the street from Osama Bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Bin Laden's favorite American products were Pepsi and Coke. His favorite TV shows were the Wonder Years, Miami Vice, and MacGyver."

Okay...why was this one in here??

(image borrowed from The Spruce)
"Chop suey means 'odds and ends' in Mandarin or 'mixed bits' in Cantonese. It is a purely American dish and mist likely dates back to the 1860s with early Chinese miners and railway workers."

Another new fact! Though I've never been big on Chinese food so I guess I wouldn't really know anything about it!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
"Chinese writing, rather than using letters, is made up of graphic symbols that each represent an idea. The ideogram for 'trouble' depicts two women living under the same roof."

Because clearly two men under one roof wouldn't be trouble either! Has Friends taught us nothing?!

(image borrowed from National Post)
"While filming a fight scene for Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee performed a flying kick so fast it could not be seen at 24 frames per second. The cameraman refilmed the sequence in slow motion so it would not appear to be faked."

Never did see any of his movies, but I'm aware of them at least! Lol!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Random facts are always fun. We con’t Have Twinkies here, but did you know that soft serve ice cream has a similar thing, designed so you get less ice cream for your money, but don’t notice it. It was created by a chemical company and the team included Maggie Thatcher, then an industrial chemist, who later became Prime Minister of England.

  2. PS If you ever see the musical The Flower Drum Song, there is actually a song about chop suey, in which it is stated that it is a famous Chinese dish created in America! I’ve never had it, myself, though I do eat Asian with friends about once a month, probably because it ISN’T actually Chunese. ;)


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