Mar 7, 2020

Let's Discuss: Disney Animated Series

So last night I finally watched the series finale of Tangled: The Series! It was so cute! I loved every moment of it really! I was pleased that Disney could still take me by surprise with its twists and turns! Not to mention, it got pretty dark in some areas, like whoa, this is beyond dark for Disney! 

It then got me thinking of all the other Disney animated series based off of movies they had and just how incredibly awesome they were! I loved how they continued stories from after the movie ends or in some cases, before the movie begins!

The Awesomeness of Disney Animated Series!

So first I remember The Little Mermaid series! This told us the adventures that Ariel had before she started looking up to the surface! Granted she did still admire humans and collected their things. I want to say that there was a glimpse of Eric at one point! Ursula made an appearance once or twice too! It was just a fun way to see what Ariel was up before her movie took off!

Then another show I watched as a kid was Aladdin the series! This show took place after The Return of Jafar. Jafar even made the occasional appearance in the show too. This had Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, and Iago having adventures of some kind. Usually ones that had some magical twist on occasion. Most of the cast reprises their voicing roles, except for Genie and the Sultan. It was a fun little series that came to a nice end that led into Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

Another more updated Disney movie that got its own series was Lilo and Stitch. This one took place after the second movie when we learn all about the other 625 experiments that came before Stitch. Lilo and Stitch wanted to find all of them and find their one true place somewhere in Hawaii, while Gantu was trying to capture them to send them back to an evil little space rabbit/hamster. It was another cute little series that had Lilo and Stitch trying to outsmart Gantu when it came to rescuing Stitch's cousins.

And finally there's Tangled the Series! This told of Rapunzel's adventures after Tangled and before the short clip, Tangled Ever After! It was a really cute series! Strange things happen that lead to Rapunzel getting her magic blonde hair back and then she, Eugene, her friend Cass, and Pascal and Maximus are off on adventures trying to discover what these strange black rocks are that have been popping up and played a role in Rapunzel's hair coming back. It was a really intricate series in some sense for only 3 seasons! It had a lot of twists and surprises that blew me away and it ended it a teary way that just made me want to watch Tangled, the series, and Tangled Ever After all over again! Lol.

Sadly, I think Disney+ only has two of these. Aladdin's not there, and I don't think Lilo and Stitch is either. These were series I remember watching over the years and loved how they continued the Disney movies that they sprang from! Do you remember any of these series? Did you watch them?

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