Mar 22, 2020

Review--Wicked Bite by Jeaniene Frost

In the newest Night Rebel novel, set in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress world, beautiful, daring vampire Veritas risks all to protect Ian...

Some promises are meant to be broken...

Veritas spent most of her life as a vampire Law Guardian. Now, she's about to break every rule by secretly hunting down the dark souls that were freed in order to save Ian. But the risks are high. For if she gets caught, she could lose her job. And catching the sinister creatures might cost Veritas her own life.

Some vows are forever...

Ian's memories might be fragmented, but this master vampire isn't about to be left behind by the woman who entranced him, bound herself to him, and then disappeared. So what if demons, other Law Guardians, and dangerous, otherworldly forces stand against them? Come hell or high water, Ian intends to remind Veritas of the burning passion between them, because she is the only person seared on his mind--and his soul...

If you enjoyed Shades of Wicked, then you are going to positively adore Jeaniene Frost's follow-up, Wicked Bite because it was just freaking amazing!! And that ending! Needless to say that this book has no middle book syndrome and I cannot wait for the finale this November!

Veritas is out trying to track down all the souls that acme out of Dagon and for the most part, is killing all the ones that were evil. For if Dagon gets to them first, he can take back his power that these souls absorbed when they were pulled out of him. But her mission gets interrupted when Ian decides to demand her presence in front of the council in regards to their marriage, claiming she left him unjustly. Veritas isn't sure what memories Ian has back since her father said that he wasn't likely to remember her at all, but she soon finds out exactly what Ian remembers.

Veritas finds herself once again working with Ian to find Dagon in order to kill him once and for all. Of course, hunting down a demon isn't exactly easy to do. They will have to find ally after ally in order to get the jump on Dagon and that leads to more surprises and reveals that I won't get into. Although one mentioning of another famous vampire has me wondering if that will play a role in the next book.

What you can expect is to see more appearances from our favorite vampires in this world series to date! I absolutely loooove seeing Cat and Bones again even though their story--for the most part--has concluded. They're trying to live their lives with their daughter, but when their friends are in trouble, they come running to help and I love that about them!

The romance between Ian and Veritas escalates in this one for sure! Veritas thought she was doing what was best for Ian by staying away from him, but when she's forced to face him once again, she finds out how wrong she was. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? To say that they make up for lost time is putting it mildly, but even though things were going to hell in a handbasket at the end, I liked where we left things on a personal level for everyone involved!

Much was revealed in the latter half of the book! Enemies arriving left and right, new and was mind blowing with some of these new twists and turns! While there was a rather twisty cliffhanger at the end of this one, I will say it wasn't as bad as the first book's ending because that one was borderline torturous! I was glad that I could at least binge the first two books together! Lol. Though the need for book 3 is still pretty strong because I cannot wait to see how their story will come to an end. I'm also dying to know what's next on Jeaniene's plate because I really, really hope we're not done with this world yet! 

As a vampire lover I will say that this story was pretty much flawless! There's nothing bad I can say about it because I truly loved every moment of it! The saddest part was that it ended and I didn't have the next book in my hands. Wicked Bite was riddled with all the right Ian and Veritas vibes and honestly, Ian having his own series is still pretty surreal to me!

Jeaniene Frost is one of my go-to recommendations for those who are looking for a good adult vampire read because really, this world series and each individual book within it, has everything you could possibly want!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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