Mar 3, 2020

Mini Review--Reveal Me by Tahereh Mafi

This fourth companion novella to Tahereh Mafi’s New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series is narrated by fan favorite character Kenji Kishimoto!

The explosive revelations in Defy Me have left readers reeling and desperate for answers. This fourth and final novella in the series will bring readers back to the world of the Shatter Me before the final novel installment hits shelves in winter 2020.

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So after my current read wasn’t going well for me, I decided to move onto something else! I ended up choosing Tahereh Mafi’s Reveal Me since it was a short read and it was readily available! I dove into this one without my notes of the last book, but luckily the novellas this time around serve more as standalone stories that take place between books and don’t add much to the story at large.
This is Kenji’s second novella and I was happy to return to his POV again, but sadly, Kenji wasn’t feeling like himself. He’s got a bad feeling about James and Adam who apparently moved onto a new life. He’s convinced something happened to them, but no one is willing to listen to him.
All the while Kenji continues to not feel so great physically as well, and it turns out to be side effects from when Nazeera drugged him. We get a few more plot developments, that I won’t step into for spoiler reasons, that are sure to start the final book with a bang! I cannot wait to see what will come from these events in the series finale.
The remainder of the story deals with Kenji and Nazeera and them hashing out the friction that stands between them. Though since chaos is reining supreme around them, they don’t have a whole lot of time for hashing things out!
All in all, this novella felt decidedly short and most of it involved Kenji being in his hazy state. In the long run, I felt like not a lot happened at all. We get what’s perhaps the precursor to the opening of Imagine Me and it’s definitely something of a cliffhanger! So I guess I’d only recommend this to the die-hard Kenji fans! It’s not an overly exciting story unfortunately, and I feel like it’s almost worth skipping unless you need something to read between reads.
Overall Rating 3/5 stars

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