Mar 5, 2020

Random Thursday

We are encountering a weird theme in Weird But True by Leslie Gilbert Elman this week! It picks up on where we left last week and then branches off of a word used in one of these first ones and just takes off from there! This would so fit into my conversations as they sometimes start as one thing and then you mentioned something like hiking--hiking=trees, trees=books, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS BOOK I READ! Lol.

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Ivory soap was Procter & Gamble's first major product and it was invented in 1879. The soap was invented by James N. Gamble and was given its name from Harley T. Proctor who was inspired the Bible passage, Psalms 45:8 which referred to "ivory palaces."

Never would have thought Ivory soap had religious backgrounds! Lol.

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Did you know that Ivory soap has air whipped into its mixture? That's the reason why it floats in the bath tub, it's lighter than the water!

I don't use bar soap anymore, but I am now wanting to test the floating theory! I guess that's true of all bar soaps though...

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Did you know you'll always remain afloat in quicksand? The human body is less dense the sand, so you can get stuck but you won't drown.

FUN FACT: The "quick" in "quicksand" comes from the Middle English word that means "living," because the sane gives the impression of being alive.

Side note: Buttercup and Westley found the Lightning Sand, aka not quicksand.

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It's important to remember if you ever find yourself in quicksand to take it slow. you should take small, subtle movements that will liquefy the sand around you and allow you to extract yourself from the sand.

Probably easier to remember when you're not actually sinking in quicksand!

(image borrowed from Catawiki)
The British Automobile Association (AA) was founded in 1905 and it originally was created to help drivers avoid police speed traps. However, today it advocates for road safety and provides various services for its members.

I love the idea that in 1905 it was to help you avoid speed traps!! 


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