Dec 7, 2020

Let's Discuss: Another Disney Rant


Time for another Disney Rant! Lol! Never thought I'd have rants about Disney did you? Well, this is one I could've sworn I talked about once, but after searching through my posts I never came across it! So here's today's rant:

Why Does Belle's Hair Get Longer?

Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie as a kid! Belle was a reader like me, she had brown hair like me, she even wore it in a ponytail like I did back then! Then somewhere in the new century, her hair got incredibly long.

Here's Belle in the opening of the movie:

I hope these pictures show for you all! Belle is sitting by the fountain with the evil sheep who's about to eat a corner of the page that's her favorite part in her favorite book--I mean seriously, if that's not the actual villain of this movie, I guess Gaston is a second best choice. Her hair is about shoulder length when down like such:


So my question is, how in the heck does her updated appearance turn into this:

I mean it's all the way down her back! I mean I get the dolls always have to have the long flowing hair even it's not truly like the character's in the movie. But come on? Does it really have to be so long in these newer drawings?

It's bad enough she was the only princess who didn't have hair down to her back, other than Snow White and Cinderella, all princesses have had the long flowing hair. I mean Rapunzel got a hair cut at the end of her movie, but she's always show in promos with her super long hair. Which, yeah I get, Rapunzel of old had the long hair, but hey, she gets a hair cut from the witch who held her before being tossed out.

I just don't get why Disney is always having their princesses with long hair. Why can't they have short hair? It doesn't have to be a bob like Snow White, but you know, hair that's just shoulder length?

So I know this is probably just a "me" thing to rant about. But have you ever been bothered when your favorite Disney princess gets a makeover that kind of makes her look like someone else entirely?

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