Dec 24, 2020

Let's Discuss: Christmas Traditions


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow? Can you believe the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story is less than 12 hours away? Lol! Since it's the holiday I thought I'd throw in another post about holiday traditions!

Christmas Traditions

Obviously one of my traditions is watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story! Yes, I have the DVD. No I rarely ever pop that in and watch it commercial free. I'm just weird! Lol.

Making Christmas cookies! This tradition dates back to my childhood. My grandma would always make a TON of Christmas cookie varieties. I loved helping her. We continue that tradition now, though we probably don't make as much since we're a smaller family now. But I love making Christmas cookies. Some varieties we only ever make at Christmas for some reason. Though now I'm thinking making a random one or two in the middle of the year next year. But of course, I first have to lose this cookie weight! Lol!

Another tradition that is more personal for me is double wrapping my older sister's Christmas present. I forgot how long I've been doing this. I just remember one year she made the comment that she "didn't like opening presents." I found this hard to believe because it's so fun! Lol. To show her how fun it is, I always double wrap her gift to help show her. She now hands her present to my niece to open on occasion, but hey, I still have fun doing it! Lol!

One tradition that I haven't been able to do since my sister and niece moved out is helping Buddy the Elf move around every night. My niece had an Elf on the Shelf and while I never did the extreme things with the elf causing mischief, I did move him around so he can keep an eye on her. One year, I think I did do him in a Mission Impossible scene, my niece didn't get it, but thought he looked silly all the same!

Christmas Lights! When I was younger I loved counting the houses that were all lit up for the holidays. Since I drive myself places now, it's a little harder to do, because "eyes on the road" and such. But I still get a joy in seeing the houses all lit up! We have a neighbor that goes all out too! They don't have a lot of property so it's not like one of those houses you'll see on the news, but they are pretty spectacular and they always draw a bit of crowd throughout the month!

Those are some of my favorite little traditions. This year is definitely harder since we can't get together with family members. I usually go to my uncle's house for a big shindig on Christmas Eve, but obviously have to skip this year. Not sure if they're still having a gathering or not either. It's sad because we were just talking about possibly doing a smaller get together just a few weeks ago, but now since some relatives aren't feeling quite themselves, I'm taking precaution and just staying home. It will at least be the first year I get to start watching A Christmas Story when it starts! Usually wouldn't come home until 10 or later sometimes!

Do you have any fun holiday traditions you like to partake in every year?

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