Dec 5, 2020

Let's Discuss: A Disney Rant

So I forgot what caused this thought to come in my head, probably as I'm surfing the internet and looking at random Disney things and it started to nag at me. Why does Disney still refer to Eugene as Flynn Rider?

Eugene Fitzhurbert

Yup, it's time for a short Disney rant! I feel like when I'm looking at different things, like probably my Disney calendar that's still at my work desk :( and other Disney memes through Instagram or whatever, he's still being called Flynn Rider because that was the name he chose from himself because he wanted to be someone else. But at the end of Tangled, he decides to go by his true name again. Yet Disney ignores this in all their advertising kinds of things. What's up with that?

I prefer to think of him as Eugene because he decided he wanted to be called that again. I liked that in the Tangled TV Series he does get to be called Eugene and whatnot.

Tangled turned 10 last month and I kept reading articles that hints at a possible Tangled sequel. Speculation as to what this movie could be about was coming up, and yet it was in these articles that they kept using the name Flynn! I was like who is that? We had Eugene at the end of the first movie. 

Nothing has been confirmed or denied about a Tangled 2, but it definitely got me excited for its possibility! I loved Tangled and its animated series! I thought it was cute. Plus Maximus is still one of my all time favorite characters! He reminds me of our late dog who had that same kind of attitude! Lol!

So my fellow Disney Fans, how do you feel about Disney still calling Eugene Flynn? Do you have any thoughts or opinions on this little no-matter?

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