Dec 17, 2020

Random Thursday

Time to dive back into True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley for some much needed relief from the chaos of 2020! Luckily the year is almost over! Let's see what bizarre facts we'll learn today!


(image borrowed from NASA)

The earth rotates at about 1,000 mph and if you stand on the North Pole you'd pretty much be spinning in place.

Poor Santa, and Mrs. Clause, and the elves, and the reindeer! But Mrs. Clause and the elves don't get that one night away, so they're dizzy more often!



(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)

And we pretty much knew from the get go that the female lion is the hunter in the family!

Yeah, Scar was pretty much a lazy SOB that just wanted to be king and that's it!



(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know a group of rhinoceroses is called a crash?

Totally awesome!!

(image borrowed from Just Disney)

Did you know that ants have no lungs?

No. Way.



(image borrowed from The Avocado)

Did you know that Earth does not have evenly distributed density which means some areas have less gravity than others.

Dude. That's insane!

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